The Cape Breton University Pipe Band offers a teaching program for pipers and snare drummers. the band was formed in large part from youth players who have learned in our program.


The Nova Scotia International Tattoo Foundation sponsors our youth teaching program by funding lessons for young pipers and drummers between the ages of 7 and 18.  Students receive free tuition from qualified instructors, and are only responsible for purchasing their practice chanters/drum pads.  When the time comes the Nova Scotia International Tattoo Foundation has also provided us with loaner bagpipes to help give students time to save and purchase their own.


Since the beginning of the program we have had about 25 students who have learned and are learning the bagpipes and snare drum.  When students are ready they transition from a group class to an appropriate level in the pipe band.  Classes start each September and run the full year. 


This past year the CBU Pipe Band has also started an adult beginner bagpipe class.  These lessons are to teach interested adults and will see them transition to an appropriate level pipe band in the CBU Pipe Band Organization.  These classes are not funded by the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo, and students are required to pay a $400.00 yearly band dues.  This makes our adult learners members of the CBU Pipe Band and helps to pay for band operating costs.  Lessons occur from September until July, and the breakdown of cost per lesson is approximately $11.00.  Payment can be made in $200.00 instalments in September and February, and lessons occur Monday evenings at CBU.


For more details about the Youth or Adult teaching programs, please contact


Trevor Kellock


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