The CBU Pipe Band is offering beginner adult piping lessons at CBU University this year, starting September 17, 2018. The goal is to teach interested adult leaners in a comfortable group setting to promote the growth of piping in the Sydney. As learners progress our goal is to include members in parade and community event settings in the CBU Pipe Band. Any interested persons should contact Trevor Kellock at or 902-577-8661.


The details are as follows:


• Lessons will begin September 17th, 2018 and run through June 10th, 2019. Lessons will be Monday evenings at CBU University in the Rotary Music Room from 8:00 - 9:00pm. Detailed monthly schedules will be sent in advance of each month to students in the adult learner program.

• Students will need a practice chanter for these lessons. Other materials will be provided. Practice chanters can be purchased through John Walsh in Antigonish Adults should purchase a regular or long practice chanter.

• Cancellations of lessons are rare but they do occur due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. In light of weather cancellations or student absences, lessons will not be made up. However, the in the event that no instructor is available a make up session will be offered.

• The primary instructor for this group is Trevor Kellock, however there will be other qualified instructors taking teaching roles as well.

• The cost for these lessons will be $400.00 for the year. This is to be paid either in full on September 17th, 2018, or in two instalments of $200.00 to be paid on September 17th, 2018 and February 4th, 2019. This cost works out to approximately $12.00 per 1 hour group lesson over the course of the year.

• The cost of these lessons will be paid as CBU Pipe Band band dues and will go towards operating costs for the pipe band (of which adult learner students will be members of) Instructors will be volunteering their time and expertise to promote the growth of piping and the CBU Pipe Band.

• This class is for new beginners or players with fairly limited experience. As in all groups there may be a diverse group of learners at varied levels and abilities, but this class will not be able to meet the needs of more advanced adult players while effectively developing adult learners.

Our aim is to create a fun learning environment where interested adult players can develop their skills as musicians. Please note that in order to see personal growth at home practice will be required!


We hope to see you at practice soon,


Trevor Kellock
Cape Breton University Pipe Band